Why the Florida Gators Have the Best Backcourt in the SEC

By Trevor Lowry

The Florida Gators may be picked to finish second in the SEC in the 2012-13 college basketball season, but their backcourt is second to none in the conference.

Florida has some very talented guards this year, which includes Mike Rosario, Scottie Wilbekin, Braxton Ogbueze and Michael Frazier. However, this list of guards would not be complete without the Gators’ best player Kenny Boynton.

To start the season, Wilbekin and Boynton will likely be starters. Boynton is a given, since he led the team in scoring last season, with 15.9 points per game. He will not only be one of the best shooting guards in the SEC, but the entire nation as well. Wilbekin will run the show for Florida by being the starting point guard.

Wilbekin did not get a whole lot of playing time last season, averaging 15.2 minutes per game. However, Wilbekin will clearly play a much bigger role for Florida this year. Wilbekin will likely be a pass first shoot second type of player, but it is his impressive defense that will really make him stand out.

Rosario and Prather will also play bigger roles for the Gators this season. Before playing for Florida, Rosario put up 16.7 points per game at Rutgers. Rosario is a very skilled guard and could very easily find a starting role on this team, especially since Florida is a three-point shooting team.

Last season the Gators were considered as one of the best three-point shooting teams in the nation. Although Florida lost Bradley Beal and Erving Walker, this season will be no different because the Gators will be just as good from behind the arc.

Frazier and Ogbueze are the two best incoming freshmen for Florida. These two players will be the future for this team. Niether of these players will likely start this year, but Ogbueze certainly has the talent to prove me wrong. Ogbueze is a very lethal shooter and can drain shots from anywhere on the court.

Florida’s guards could certainly start for most teams in college basketball, but it is Boynton that really makes the Gators backcourt the best in the SEC. Most guards are one dimensional in terms of only being able to shoot the ball well. However, Boynton, Rosario, Ogbueze and Frazier have the talent to get to the basket at will, and all of these players definitely no how to make shots no matter how deep.

The Gators will have a very complete team in 2012, but it is their backcourt that will really make this team so special.


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