Jim Calhoun to Make Radio Cameo Appearance During Connecticut Opener

By chrismolicki

Jim Calhoun, the former head coach of the Connecticut Huskies, will be making a cameo appearance on the UConn Radio Network for the team’s first game against Michigan State in Germany. The game is  6 p.m. on Friday at the Ramstein Air Base.

Calhoun will provide color commentary in place of Wayne Norman, the station’s longtime color commentator.

The coach is still a special assistant to the athletic director for Connecticut. However, there are no plans for him to broadcast any further games.

This should be interesting to say the least. It’s always insightful to have the coach of a former team call their game. Terry Francona, former manager of the Boston Red Sox, comes to mind with his work during Red Sox games aired on ESPN. A former coach is able to provide a unique perspective on the team, being that they used to be a part of it. This is especially true for Calhoun, who was a coach of the team for an incredibly long time.

It remains to be seen what Calhoun will seen about his former team. The team is suffering NCAA sanctions are the outlook on the season is rough. Kevin Ollie is the new head coach, and someone who Calhoun thought very highly of, so I would expect kind words to be said about him. As an underachieving team last year, we could hear Calhoun slip a few inside notes about players that he used to coach.

Be sure to try and catch the broadcast, because this could be juicy.


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