The Media Weighs in on Syracuse's Season

By Matt Josephs

Syracuse’s regular season starts on Friday. It’s time to check in with how the experts see them in the Big East and the Field of 65:

CBSSports: The Orange check in 7th on this website.  The website points out the uncertainty of the roster past the knowns of Brandon Triche and CJ Fair.  They point out that Michael Carter-Williams is the X-Factor as his athleticism could make them tougher to guard on the offensive end.

CNNSI: Syracuse is 2nd in the conference here.  This short blurb points out that Carter-Williams, Rakeem Christmas and DaJuan Coleman are diamonds in the rough. The website adds that it is looking forward to the Louisville game in March. They add that it’s a safe bet to see Syracuse in the Field of 65.

ESPN: The four letter network has Syracuse 8th in their preseason top 25. The familiar tone that we’ve seen in each preview so far has been set in this one as well.  Plenty of talent in the cupboard, but the experience factor will be key.  They give the out-of-conference schedule a six out of 10 in toughness. Surprisingly there’s no dig that Syracuse leaves the state of New York.  I guess that’s only for the talking heads to say. Should also warm the hearts of fans to see that Dick Vitale has them making the tournament.  As if there was some question.

Foxsports:  Ken Davis of has them at 7th overall. No negativity here except for the mention of how much has been lost.

Athlon Sports: One of the most respected publications when it comes to college basketball.  They have Syracuse at fifth overall in their top 25. The well thought out preview features the stat that the Orange has lost only 14 games in the last three seasons and only Kansas at 13 has lost less over that span.

Blue Ribbon Yearbook: The least amount of respect is given here as the Cuse is 14th in their top 25.  They give the frontcourt and “intangibles” an A- grade while the backcourt and bench/depth get B+’s.  Mike Waters writes the preview and closes by saying that they could present themselves as a potential Final Four team at the end.

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