Dakari Johnson's Reclassification Adds to a Strong 2013 Recruiting Class

By Tim Bade

Andrew Wiggins already announced last week that he would move from the 2014 recruiting class to the 2013 recruiting class.  The move prompted everyone to reshuffle their top 10 high school recruits and move Wiggins to No. 1 of the 2013 class.  The cards could once again be put in motion as early as Tuesday, November 6th, when high school center Dakari Johnson from Montverde Academy announces his decision to either remain in the 2014 recruiting class or join Wiggins moving up to the 2013 class.

Johnson is currently a junior in high school but had previously been held back in school when he was younger.  Scouts have told major colleges looking to recruit Johnson that he should be able to finish the semester and graduate with little resistance.

All of the top college basketball programs in the country are interested in Johnson including the Kentucky Wildcats who are notorious for bringing in big guns.  However, because of Johnson’s current 2014 recruiting status, the Wildcats have reportedly only seen Johnson play one time.

Only the Florida Gators and Georgetown Hoyas have had a head coach visit with Johnson in the past.  According to rivals.com, the only schools Johnson has received an offer from and would seriously consider at this point are the Kansas Jayhawks although Johnson still seems to be waiting on an offer from the Wildcats.

Johnson may never get that offer from the Wildcats.  Even though the Wildcats do not have a true center as in Johnson, they already have a loaded roster with freshmen Noel Nerlens and sophomore Kyle Wiltjer measuring in at the same height.  Granted, Noel will most likely play one year in college and move on the National Basketball Association.

The huge hit on Johnson is that he is a talented player, but lacks big play ability.  Scouts say that Johnson demonstrated supreme foot work down low, great ball handling for his size, and the ability to be physical inside the lane.  However, scouts also attack Johnson for his lack of shot blocking abilities.  ESPN rates Johnson as the No. 3 recruit of the 2014 class.  If Johnson moved up to the 2013 class, I would not expect him to crack the top 10.  The No. 10 recruit in many people’s eyes for the 2013 class is Chris Walker. Walker is the same build as Johnson but has demonstrated more athleticism on the offensive side of the ball.


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