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Hofstra Head Coach Mo Cassara Living In Office After Superstorm Sandy


As more and more celebrities, foundations and organizations continue to donate to the Superstorm Sandy relief effort, life is starting to get just a little bit easier and back to normal to the victims of the national disaster. Atlantic City and the rest of the Jersey shores were rocked, as well as the helpless land of Long Island, as both areas were hit head-on by the storm. Both area’s residents were issued mandatory evacuations, and one of those evacuated citizens was Hofstra Pride men’s basketball coach Mo Cassara.

Cassara, who tweeted a picture of his packed up Cadillac with his two dogs in his trunk, evacuated his Point Lookout, NY home before the storm and fled to the Hofstra Basketball facilities. Now, he still can’t return back to his home for another few weeks.

Still unable to go home, Cassara has been living, eating, sleeping and thinking basketball in his office for the past week and a half. The coach also had to drive halfway to upstate New York in order to drop off his golden retrievers with his parents, who live up north.

The 39-year-old isn’t returning to his home just yet due to his lack of power. The power in Point Lookout isn’t expected to return for a couple more weeks. Just like his fellow neighbors, he’s also of course had to travel far and wide (Albany) to get gas.

The Hofstra basketball team has also been a victim in the Sandy aftermath. Originally, the team was supposed to resume practice following the second presidential debate just when the storm began. The team has been out of regular practice routine for weeks.

Even after all these hardships Cassara, and the program in general have endured the team will still tip off their regular season this Friday at Monmouth.


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