N.C. State’s Bobby Lutz is Striving to Inspire

Daniel Plassmann-US Presswire

North Carolina State associate head coach Bobby Lutz has a great message to pass on to his players, and the rest of the country. His message was inspired by a quote attributed to coach John Wooden:

“Remember this is your lifetime through; Tomorrow there will be more to do; And failure waits on all who stay; On some success made yesterday.”

Lutz remarks that when he first found this article he cut it out of a magazine and posted it on his bulletin board, that was in 1973 and the quote still resonates with him today. This quote became a personal philosophy for Lutz, and he carries that philosophy with him in assisting head coach Mark Gottfried with coaching responsibilities. He has developed an ability to mentor his players.

With players like Lorenzo Brown, C.J. Leslie, Richard Howell, and newcomer Rodney Purvis, N.C. State is expected to perform at a high level. Lutz also states that the most important aspects of his life are first faith and family, and second the academics of his players. Lutz feels that when these aspects of life are taking into account it can assist one in achieving championship caliber goals, and help one perform at their highest level possible. Players nowadays are surrounded by distraction and commitment is necessary to succeed.

Coach Lutz also goes on to mention that he lost his father last spring. Lutz had a very close relationship with his father, and they would talk after every game. His father showed an interest in the players and the recruiting process, which translates into compassion in wanting to see these young scholar-athletes succeed.  A message from his father that he carries with him is to lead your players not only in how you handle game situations, but how you handle life situations. Bobby Lutz has taken something that inspired him and used it in his own way to inspire others.


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