College Basketball: Marijuana still Banned for Student-Athletes

By Joseph Nardone

The governing body of college sports isn’t just a thing I bash from time to time. It also has a series of rules and regulations in place that’s designed to keep “student-athletes” in check. Despite a few states legalizing marijuana the NCAA still forbids players from participating in the now legal activity.

Here is a statement the NCAA released to Yahoo! Sports:

The legalizing of marijuana in Colorado and Washington does not impact the NCAA drug testing rules,” the statement said. “The NCAA banned drug and testing policies are not tied to whether a substance is legal for general population use, but rather whether the substance is considered a threat to student-athlete health and safety or the integrity of the game.

So the NCAA knows what’s bad for a player’s body more so than the government, interesting.

However, the argument here is not whether the NCAA cares what effects a drug might have on a player’s health but if they want it banned or not. As of this writing the NCAA still has marijuana on the list of banned substances and schools located in states where it’s now legal can’t do anything about it.

Don’t expect the NCAA to change its stance on the use of the drug either. National perception is far more important to them then a few states. As far as everyone in that building is concerned letting student-athletes smoke marijuana would be bad for business.

You know, college sports is a business right? But the NCAA doesn’t want you to tell the student-athletes that. They just might want to get paid.

The NCAA, always looking out for “student-athletes“.

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