Billy Gillispie: Kept Violating Rules Even After Being Caught

By Joseph Nardone

Former Texas Tech Red Raider head coach Billy Gillispie’s saga of breaking NCAA rules just won’t die. To the dismay of fans of people learning from mistakes, Gillispie continued to ignore the NCAA rule against marathon practices after being caught.

Gillispie was exceeding the NCAA’s 20 hour a week practice limit in record fashion. Some reports had him having practices that ran up to 6 and a half hours long. So while you might applaud him for trying to exceed the limit in a single day, the NCAA naturally frowned on his methods.

Yesterday I reported that the governing body of collegiate sports accepted Texas Tech’s self-imposed penalties. The news for anyone who has followed the situation, that Gillispie kept violating the rules after being caught, is not a shock.

In a few short months many Gillispie stories have come to the surface. Not only was he exceeding practice times but berating campers, making injured players practice, promising assistant coaches the world but not delivering, and being a diabolical dictator at every stop he’s been.

I guess the question is no longer whether or not Gillispie destroyed every human code while in the Red Raider program but if he has any remorse. Generally after a person has been caught doing something wrong they can go one of two ways. The person can apologize and fix their mistakes or completely and utterly throw up their arms while not giving a flying,  you know.

I’m sure Texas Tech would like for the whole Gillispie fiasco to just go away, so would I. But every time we think we’re out, Wild Billy Gillispie pulls us back in.

Joe covers the Big East for Rant Sports and has been tied to the Gillispie story from the hip. Follow Joe on Twitter @JosephNardone


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