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College Basketball: Top 3 Places to Watch Opening Day

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College Basketball: Top 3 Places to Watch Opening Day

Top 3 Places to Watch Opening Day

The wonderful world of college basketball tips-off today and nobody is happier than all of you crazy fans. Today is one of the most glorious days of the year if you're a college hoops die-hard and it couldn't have come soon enough. You've already had to deal with the NFL, college football, and MLB being shoved down your throats. Starting later this afternoon today is the first day of the rest of your sporting year.

At Rant Sports we have already helped you bide your time waiting for today, told you why it's better than college football, and let you know of student-athletes whose eligibility should be questioned. That was all to help you be prepared and ready to roll for today's action(we even told you how to prep for opening tip).

But the wait is officially over. Soon you and your friends are going to be yelling at the picture-box, rooting for your favorite squads. Whether they're playing on an aircraft carrier, overseas, or in their regular old home court, your fan base is going bananas just waiting for the games to get started.

But what's more important than being prepared for the first day of college hoops? Simple, where to watch today's festivities. The choices you have are many but the options you should consider are few.

That's why, with bad judgement in hand, I'm here to help you decide where exactly you should watch the games. So hopefully you've already followed all of my previous rules that way you're ready to carry them out no matter where you watch.

Here is "The Top 3 Places you should Watch Opening Day"...

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3- Home

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Home is where the heart is. Chances are, especially if you followed my prepping advice, your cupboards and refrigerator are stocked. You have unlimited choices of food and beverages at your disposal. You would think someplace as comfy as your home would be ranked as number 1 on our list but it does have its own downfalls.

We start with the positive. The already aforementioned food and beverages of your choice. No waiting in lines dealing with angry folk while your tummy grumbles for that edible chicken wing pizza. Also, the fact that you don't have to deal with other fans' noises is always a plus. If watching a game alone is your ideal situation then home is the place for you.

The negative? Who do you live with, how big is your TV, will you get lonely, are all serious questions. If you live with a significant other, or worse your parents, will they detract from your experience. You also don't want to watch the games on a 16 inch black and white TV or feel left out of the bonding experience that is college hoops.

Are you a loner, if you are, than stay home. If not the next few choices might suit you better.

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2- Local Bar


The bar is a glorious place to go any day of the week. If you're feeling pretty bad about how your life is going all you have to do is go down to the local watering hole and see all the townsfolk whose life is far worse than yours. Granted, drunk people aren't always the best people to be around, but none of them are going to directly ruin your college basketball experience.

The pros are few but the potential is vast, mainly if you're single. If you don't have any real life friends the bar will provide some fake ones for a few hours. Just sit next to the local drunk and tell him he's rooting for your team today. If he isn't a fan, by him a pint and he's yours for the evening.

Plus the food is made for you. Just pick what you want to eat from this fancy thing they call a menu and they deliver it to you. An added bonus, if you're good-looking or dumpster-diving, you might be able to go home with someone at the end of the festivities.

The bad? Well you're going to be drinking for a lot of hours during the week. You risk getting fired from your job for not waking up on time due to the alcohol consumption. Another setback is, if you're lucky enough to score a mate, you'll likely regret it in the morning. Or maybe you won't, but hey whatever, I'm not here to judge.

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1- Attend the Game

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The top choice is attending the games. Simple, practical, and you get to enjoy the entire experience. You do need a few things to be able to enjoy the top place to watch college hoops. You needs money, means, and transportation. Unless you live in the vicinity of an opening-tip, chances are it'll cost you an arm and a leg to get there. If you don't, just borrow money from your mom and dad. I doubt the 40 grand they spent sending you to school to learn how to blog tapped them out.

When you get there you'll be able to drink, find a mate, and find alone time(granted in a bathroom during crunch time). All of the things the previous two options gave you. Another bonus of going to the game will be able to see your favorite players in real life. No picture-box is big enough to portray the actual appearance of 7 foot monsters.

There are a few negatives. If you hate people, smells, or a positive atmosphere, this place isn't for you. Money will also be your biggest enemy, as not only will getting there cost you money, but the vendors will take advantage of your not so well-traveled soul(On a side note, the street walkers at an actual game are far more expensive than those from the corner of your bar. Also, your significant other is free...well until 9 1/2 months from now).

This is all completely up to you. Choose which destination fits your needs the most. However, I'm not going to be watching any of these games from those places. I'm married with 2 kids, the escape for me will be much harder. In a last resort effort to be able to watch these games in peace I had to be inventive. As of this writing there is a cardboard box a block down my road with electrical wires and extension cords hanging from it.

If you need me, I'll be in a box.

Joe covers the Big East for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @JosephNardone