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Outdoor College Basketball Games Should be Sent Out to Sea


College basketball opened up it’s season with much pomp and circumstance on Friday night.  The plan originally was to have three games on boats in order to honor the military.  Sounds great, right? Well the Syracuse - San Diego State affair was moved to Sunday after they found out it was supposed to rain in San Diego on Friday.  There were still two other chances to showcase this unique event and neither exactly went very well.

Ohio State and Marquette were set to play on the USS Yorktown in South Carolina.  The game was a chance for two schools to show off improvements made in the off season.  Instead, it ended up showing how good the players and other officials were at moping up the court. Condensation made things dangerous for the players so they attempted to dry it off and make it playable.  At one point, there was talk of a five on five scrimmage to test things out.  In the end, the game was cancelled due to condensation and the lack of a makeup date.  Both teams are playing on Sunday so that wouldn’t have worked out for all parties involved.

At least there was still the GeorgetownFlorida game which was played onboard the USS Bataan.  This one managed to get thru a half with the Gators up 27-23.  Volunteers once again tried to do the job and take care of the wetness on the court, but it was deemed too dangerous and cancelled.  The stats will not count and unfortunately the members of the military there were not treated to a full game.

Ironically, one game did go off without a hitch as Notre Dame’s women’s basketball team beat Ohio State on the Yorktown late Friday afternoon.  This casts doubt in my mind that the Syracuse game will go off without a hitch.  I’m pretty sure we will not see any more of these games scheduled in the future.  Instead more may be played on military bases like the UConn game that was played in Germany.  The only issue with that one was the late hour the kids played at, but the crowd seemed to enjoy it and the players weren’t affected.  There are better ways to honor the military, ones that will actually involve a full game.