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Baylor Starts First Game of Season Down Two Points


Dunking is often how young players display their dominance over other players; it is also not a feat that many can successfully do. A dunk can be very intimidating and change the flow of a game. In fact, the NCAA banned dunking from 1967 to 1976, thus making Lew Alcindor develop the famous “Sky Hook”. However, even when the NCAA did lift this ban, it remained that dunking is not permitted during warmups prior to a game.  While some referees will look the other way in an attempt to avoid calling a pregame technical, the refs at the Baylor versus Lehigh game on Friday afternoon did not.   As a resul,t preseason All-American CJ McCollum put the Maintain Hawks in the lead 2-0 before tip off of their game against the number 19 Bears.

In the 2009 WCC tournament title game, Saint Mary‘s trailed Gonzaga 1-0 before tip-off because one of the Gaels dunked during warmups. Referees assessed a similar technical on Kent State freshman Eric Gaines in Feb. 2010 when he dunked before a game against Furman instead taking a layup. And just last Friday, Wake Forest surrendered the first two points of its exhibition match-up with Rollins College because of a pregame technical for dunking.

Fortunately for the player that caused this immediate trailing for his team, the Baylor Bears had few problems in their game as they cruised to a 99-77 victory to open their season.  McCollum led all scorers with 36 points in the game and Baylor was led by Cory Jefferson and his 26 points and 13 rebounds.