Two Players Lost to Clerical Error for Akron Zips

By Joseph Nardone
Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIRE

Oh the NCAA and it’s crazy antics. It seems a new trend is being mastered by the governing body of college sports, suspending student-athletes even when they’re not at fault. The Akron Zips and two of its players are the latest victims of the NCAA over-thinking common sense.

Junior forwards Nick Harney and Demetrius Treadwell are going to be suspended three games due to “clerical errors” that were neither party’s fault. While the NCAA isn’t(shocking) commenting on the matter, Akron released this statement:

Prior to engaging in practice or competition, a student-athlete shall receive a final certification of amateur status based on activities that occur prior to his or her request for final certification or initial full-time enrollment at an NCAA Division I or II institution (whichever occurs earlier).”

Like any normal program that felt the players shouldn’t be punished for something out of their control, Akron appealed the ruling then lost the decision.

Akron head coach Keith Dambrot also released a statement:

I feel badly for Nick and Demetrius because this oversight happened as a result of no fault of their own,” Dambrot said in the statement. “They did everything that was asked of them by our Athletics department and coaching staff. We were in constant contact with our compliance department to make sure they fulfilled their obligations.”

“Unfortunately, a clerical error occurred that led to this situation. We will continue to focus on winning these next three games and look forward to getting them back on the court next week.”

So it has been blatantly established that the players had nothing to do with this but are the ones getting punished. Bravo NCAA, you continue to outshine expectations in your continuing mission of ruining collegiate sports.

The NCAA already has a slew of questionable “suspensions” this year. UCLA Bruin Shabazz Muhammad being ruled ineligible just moments before opening tip, two Indiana Hoosiers players getting popped for their AAU coach donating to Indiana OVER 2 DECADES AGO, and now this.

Bashing the NCAA has run its course and is no longer fun, it now feels like a responsibility. It’s up to schools, media, and fans to starts drudging up a groundswell of mistrust and noise towards the NCAA.

Everyone knows the NCAA has become a joke of a governing body and is continuously overreaching its bounds to punish student-athletes. Something just has to give…right?

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