What Canceled College Basketball Games Mean to Teams

By Trevor Lowry

Playing college basketball on a ship may seem like the cool thing to do, but after two canceled games on ships to open the 2012-13 college basketball season, being on a boat may not be all that great, at least for basketball that is. Two games were cancelend on Friday because of condensation. The Florida Gators led Georgetown 27-23 at halftime and the Ohio State vs. Marquette game didn’t even tipoff. What does this mean to the teams affected by this though?

Well, for one Georgetown was in position to upset the Gators, but we will never know how that game would have turned out. Florida was clearly the better team going into that game, but upsets happen. This contest could have gotten the Hoyas on the map and into the rankings with a victory. Whoever won would have had a quality win to put on the resume.

As for the Ohio State vs. Marquette game, it is kind of hard to speculate, since this game couldn’t even get started. However, just like the Florida and Georgetown game, the winner would have had a great win to start the season.

For the most part, Florida lucked out from a sloppy start, Georgetown should be happy by holding the Gators to 27 points in a half and Ohio State and Marquette couldn’t even play a single minute against each other.

The concept of playing on a ship right before Veteran’s Day is awesome, but maybe college basketball should rethink this idea if condensation is going to rear its ugly head and cancel games.


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