College Basketball: Ron Morris Abuses AP Vote

By Joseph Nardone

Ranking college sports teams early in the season does seem kind of trivial. Especially in college basketball where incoming freshmen shape every season by just stepping on the court. It’s really hard to tell what teams are actually going to be legit and which are going to fall to the wayside. Ron Morris is a writer for South Carolina’s “The State” and he wants you to know he doesn’t like to vote, I guess?

Morris might be a familiar name with you. He’s the writer who keeps making national(might be a little gratuitous there) headlines with his trysts with South Carolina Gamecocks head coach Steve Spurrier. Since Spurrier seems to be doing a good job handling the football program, it seems Mr. Morris had to find a new way to inject himself into the limelight.

Not on his ballot of Top 25 schools are the Syracuse Orange or the Connecticut Huskies. Outside the insanely pick of having the Creighton Bluejays as high as 9 (They’re going to be good. Not start at 9 good though) he also has Michigan State Spartans still at number 12. Meaning, even though HIS ranked Spartans lost to HIS un-ranked Huskies, neither team would be moved. Talk about a guy sticking to his guns.

Getting an AP vote is something a lot of us college basketball writers dream about. It’s not something they just hand out(Maybe they do?) to anyone who swears they know the basketball landscape.

Morris is trying to accomplish a few different things here. It’s well established he loves his name in other writers’ articles, so the assumption that this is another stab at it is not out of the realm of possibility. The other, even worse if you think about it, thing he might have is absolutely no knowledge of the college basketball world.

I can’t tell another person who they should think is the right team to be ranked number 15 in the nation but I do have the right to openly laugh at a media members blatant inability to put the game in front of themselves.

Best case scenario is Morris gets his AP vote taken away from him and given to someone who actually cares about the game(I’ll take it). The worst case scenario should be a verbal warning with someone educating on how the system is supposed to work.

But that makes a ton of common sense, will someone actually act on it? Anyone….Oh, not you Mr. Morris. Our vote has already been cast and we want you off the island.

Joe covers the Big East for Rant Sports. Follow Joe on Twitter @JosephNardone


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