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Good News for the Florida Gators: Patric Young Looks Like Patric Young

Kim Klement – US Presswire

The Florida Gators have a not-so-secret weapon in junior center Patric Young. The question that remains is whether he is a weapon for or against the Gators.

Young is a monster of an athlete. Talent-wise, he is definitely top ten in the SEC, and at times capable of being the best in the SEC. However, Young is inconsistent — well, was inconsistent. Last year, he disappeared in big games. Statistically he played well, but sports are not all about statistics. In two losses to the Tennessee Volunteers, and the most important loss of the season (Louisville in the Elite Eight) the normally dominant player was not dominant. Young controls the paint and has a decent jump shot that causes all kinds of mayhem down-low, but in losses he seemed lost and was pushed around by other teams. It may be too early to tell, but Young does not look like letting down Gator nation this year.

Young looked like a man among boys in the game against Alabama State, and in the short game against Georgetown played extremely hard amid all the pauses to clean the condensation off the court. He enforced his style of play on his defenders and when he himself was on defense. Young needs to continue to play this aggressive, unstoppable, style of play in order for Florida to succeed against the Gators’ main competition in the SEC, Kentucky.

Wednesday, the Gators take on #22 Wisconsin and if Young can impose himself on a top-tier Big 10 team, Florida is going to have a great season.