Point Guard Controversy Building for Maryland?

By Daniel Stecker
Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

The Maryland vs. Kentucky game  left fans with a lot of memories. Unfortunately for Maryland, one of the more lasting memories was the final play of the game.

Maryland was down by three with the clock ticking down, as Maryland point guard P’Shonn Howard brought the ball up with no timeouts left. Those watching the game were able to see the open shooters on each wing for Maryland. Unfortunately for the Terps, Howard was not able to get the ball to a shooter and took a contested shot that hit the backboard and rolled away, killing Maryland’s chances for an upset.

There were many great things that Maryland was able to take away from this game – but not the way their junior point guard handled himself.

To be fair, Howard has had a lot of trouble with injuries in the past couple of years. It would be safe to assume that Howard’s ACL troubles have caused him to be a step slow in his game.

The Terps have enough talent on this team to win a lot of games this season. The question then arises, is it worth it to keep starting Howard at the point over the electric freshmen Seth Allen? Allen showed on Friday night that he has an incredible ability to both make plays and hit big shots.

Is the Seth Allen era ready to begin?

Head Coach Mark Turgeon will probably continue to roll with Howard only because of his experience and his potential to be a high-class playmaker; but unless Howard can start making plays like we all know he is capable of, Turgeon may decide that the young Allen is the best option to run Maryland’s offense.

Another issue with starting Allen is that Allen is more a of a combo guard than a pure point. That being said, if the coaching staff works with Allen they can morph him into a great point guard who has the ability to both make plays for himself and make plays for others.

As Maryland continues with their schedule, it will be very interesting to see how the coaching staff deals with the point guard situation.

The Terps face Morehead State on Monday night at 8 in College Park.

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