Georgia's High Hopes Shattered in Loss to Youngstown State?

By Taylor Sturm
Kevin Liles – US Presswire

The Georgia Bulldogs came into this season thinking they might have a chance to be in the pack for a chance at the SEC title. They still do, but their high expectations were shattered with a loss to Youngstown State in their second game of the season.

A Horizon League team, Youngstown State should have been a challenge but should not have blown out the Bulldogs. And yes, a 12 point loss to a Horizon league team when you are a member of the SEC is considered a blowout.

Georgia looked horrible; allowing a clearly inferior Youngstown State team to dictate the game. The only bright spot for the Bulldogs was the play by Kentavious Caldwell-Pope who scored 27 points (Almost half Georgia’s total points) single-handily. However, Caldwell-Pope was expected to perform well this season.

Caldwell-Pope is a guard and should not lead the team in rebounds in any game; it’s impossible to win a game when a guard leads the team in rebounding. He should be pleading to his team to rebound down low. The Bulldogs need help from somebody – anybody.

If Georgia continues to play like they did against Youngstown State they will lose many games once SEC play begins and could find themselves in the lower end of the SEC tournament facing teams that will easily defeat the Bulldogs. Georgia is in the tougher half of the SEC and has a much tougher conference schedule than many teams. If Georgia wants to succeed in the SEC and possibly make it to the NCAA tournament, the rest of the early season games are must-win.

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