Michigan Shows New Talent In Thrashing of IUPUI

By Alex Dale
Rick Osentoski- US presswire

Five minutes in to Michigan‘s win over IUPUI, Trey Burke tossed a beautiful lob up to the flying Glenn Robinson III, who slammed it in.  It made me wonder, when was the last time Michigan made a graceful alley-oop?  Too long ago, is the answer.

It has been a long while since Michigan had elite talent.  Their offense, though at times very successful, has been slow and uninspiring.  Three point shots after a lot of dribbling and neutral passes around the perimeter do not exactly get me to leap off my couch.  They also don’t scare opponents.  That attack can be successful, and it has.  However, it is a lot easier to be an efficient offense when you know that you can toss the ball up and the most athletic player in the building, who happens to be on your team, goes up, gets the ball and dunks it.  Now Michigan can do just that.

It all starts with the freshmen.  Mitch McGary and Robinson, to be specific.  Both players have NBA type bodies already, and, excellent athleticism.

For Michigan, a team that has had trouble rebounding in the last few years, McGary, Jordan Morgan and Jon Horford are as athletic  a group of bigs that Michigan has had.  They will be able to rebound, and establish their presence inside.

Obviously, they didn’t need all of that talent to beat IUPUI, but wait until conference play.  There will be  a time when their jumpers are not falling, and they will be bale to drive in to the paint and make something happen.  They will be able to block a shot and start a fastbreak.  They will be able to be the aggressors.  Those are things they were not able to do last season.

Michigan might not have the three point shooters they used to, but they will be able to evolve in to a more efficient team.  They will be able to attack the paint and play above the rim.  Michigan has been good the last couple of years, now they are both  good and fun to watch.  Heads are turning in Ann Arbor, and there are heads high above the rim, making plays.


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