Mississippi State Loses - A Preview to the Rest of the Season

By Taylor Sturm
Marvin Gentry – US Presswire

Everyone knew the Mississippi State Bulldogs were rebuilding after losing the core of their team and a majority of their best players to the draft and graduation. Everyone knew that the Bulldogs’ best player was Jalen Steele and next to that there were not many potential game changers on the team.

What no one knew was that Gavin Ware was the only other player on the team to realize the season had started.  The rest of the team played as if their hands were tied. Mississippi State let the Troy Trojans enforce their will on the Bulldogs. Steele and Ware seemed to be the only players on the court.

Mississippi State lost their first game of the season to Troy. The Sunbelt, when it comes to basketball, is better than most people give credit (I firmly believe Middle Tennessee State will beat Florida later in the season), but the only notable teams in the league are the Western Kentucky Big Red and the aforementioned MTSU Blue Raiders.

The other middle of the pack teams should not be able to knock off SEC schools, especially one with a history of SEC upsets like Mississippi State.

This early in the season, Mississippi State looks like the worst team in the SEC. Unless they can pull it together soon this year will be rough. The loss may not look like much now, but once SEC play starts, Mississippi State is not going to have many opportunities to win games.

If Mississippi State continues to play like they did against Troy, they will lose every game in the SEC this season.


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