Off the Bench, D'Angelo Harrison Leads St. John's From Behind

By Jared Mintz
Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

After leading St. John’s in scoring as a freshman, D’Angelo Harrison had high hopes heading into the 2012-13 season. A season where his head coach should be healthy and very present, Harrison knew he’d be asked to take on a leadership role in his second season in Jamaica, Queens, and his game was good enough to make him the best player on an up-and-coming Big East team.

In sports, actions tend to speak louder than words, and unspecified behavioral transgressions led to Harrison beginning the season in Steve Lavin’s doghouse. He came off of the bench in the team’s exhibition opener at home against Division II Sonoma State, and sat for the duration of their final exhibition game against D-III Concordia, which led to him being told he’d be starting the season coming off of the bench against Detroit.

Harrison responded positively to the benching, first with his words, by acknowledging he needs to be more mature and saying he’ll come off of the bench if he has to, and then with his actions, by scoring 22 points in 29 minutes on Tuesday afternoon, 15 of which came in the second half.

Not only did Harrison lead the way for the Red Storm by means of scoring, but he made several integral baskets that led the Red Storm to a 24-14 finish, helping them edge out a 77-74 win over Detroit. Harrison spoke to ESPN about the progress he’s making after the game, “I think I did a really good job and didn’t react to anything. It’s just keep taking steps.”

Harrison was happy to lead his team to victory, but might be happier to know he’s getting back on his coach’s good side. “Across the board I was really impressed,” Lavin said. “D’Angelo, from the time we threw him out of practice and took away his starting position, he’s been outstanding. The kids have really responded to tough love. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Just like being a parent.”

Like he said, Harrison is just taking his benching experience step-by-step, and is doing his best to let his actions do the talking.

That’s what leaders do.

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