Shabazz Muhammad Would Be Unwise To Go To NBA

By Kelsey Budd
Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

The NCAA has recently ruled that Shabazz Muhammad is ineligible to play, leaving the UCLA Bruins uncertain of when their superstar will return.

With Muhammad under the spotlight of the nation due to the NCAA investigation, there has been discussion about whether or not Muhammad should abandoned his college career and move onto the NBA.

This would be a very unwise decision for the freshman forward.

College is a time for players to develop their strength, quickness and overall skill set before moving on to the NBA.  Muhammad needs to utilize these resources available to him at UCLA, even during his suspension.

College is also a time to gain game experience so that you are ready to play in the NBA.  Muhammad would be drafted to the league with out a doubt, but is he ready to be an impact player in the NBA?

No.  He is certainly not ready.  He would be making the jump from high school to a professional level.  If he spends a few years playing at the college level, he will have time to develop his game and maximize his potential before entering the draft.  This would ensure that he would be ready to go into the NBA right away and be a key player for the team he is drafted to.

If Muhammad were to go to the NBA and end up getting injured or having a sub par career, he would be left with no education or career to fall back on.

The ruling of the NCAA is being appealed by UCLA and could possibly result in a different outcome.  Regardless, Muhammad would be making a mistake to go to the NBA.

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