Joel Embiid is Headed to Kansas

By Anthony Lenahan
John Rieger-US Presswire

Joel Embiid has decided he is going to be playing college basketball at Kansas University.  The 7-foot, 220 pound center from Gainesville, Florida turned down offers from Florida and Texas to be a Jayhawk.

Embiid said over a text message about Kansas and why he chose to go there: “Great school for big guys, development.  I like the players, coaching staff, facilities and academics.”

This came after he tweeted “Proud to be a jayhawk” on Tuesday which is when we found out he would be heading to Lawrence, Kansas next year.

Most people who follow college basketball recruiting and really like to watch high school prospects don’t know too much or may have never even heard of Embiid.

As a former native of Cameroon, Embiid has not been able to play a lot of organized basketball.  Not playing a lot of organized basketball in his life can cause even a 7-foot center to go unnoticed by a lot of major recruiting services.

Kansas is getting a lot of potential and a big post player, but they are also getting an undeveloped Embiid.  Embiid has developed tremendously in his two years of playing basketball, but can still improve into a potential star if he works hard enough.

Embiid has the upside and the potential to develop into a big time college basketball player if he really works hard every single day.  By choosing Kansas, he knows he is going to be at one of the best programs in the country and one that has a coaching staff that can really help develop him to play at the next level.

Kansas doesn’t know too much about what they are getting in Embiid, but you can never go wrong with a 7-foot center that has potential.

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