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Kevin Ollie pledges $100,000 to the Connecticut Huskies Developmental School

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Despite Kevin Ollie leading the Connecticut Huskies to an impressive start it seems like the first year coach is still concerned about his job safety. Generally when a person is worried whether or not they’re going to lose their job they might resort to some form of brown nosing. Well, whatever kind of brown nosing you’ve done in the past, Ollie plans on doing some history kissing up to his bosses soon.

On Wednesday Ollie announced he planned on “donating”(otherwise as known as buying his job!) to the UConn Basketball Development Center.

In all seriousness Ollie played for UConn between 1991-95 and honestly seems like a decent person. Sure the donation might help him secure his job but Ollie knows it’s ultimately his team’s play on the court that will determine his job status. Ollie did comment on why he is going donate so much money to the school:

“I have had the incredible opportunity to be a member of the Husky family and that experience has influenced every part of my life,” Ollie said in a statement. “I want to be an example for all former UConn basketball student-athletes, who have had the privilege of playing for two Hall of Fame coaches, to join me in supporting this facility. It will help ensure the long-term success of the programs that all of us helped establish.”

That seems like a sincere statement and Ollie probably does really care. It’s hard to find people that care about anything anymore. Ollie is replacing UConn legend Jim Calhoun. Calhoun seemed as bitter and mean a person as possible. Well, except when it came to penguins. Don’t ask, just look!

Credit: UConn Huskies Athletics


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