Arizona Veteran Solomon Hill Gives UCLA Freshman Some Advice

By marcvilas

Senior Solomon Hill of the Arizona Wildcats has offered his opinion of what rival school UCLA‘s star Shabazz Muhammad should now be planning to do after being declared ineligible by the NCAA.   “Why take classes? Go get a trainer. You’re going to be a top-five pick. Do what you love to do. … I’m pretty sure there are a lot of guys out there that went to a program and took some type of benefits. You’re telling him that he has to go to college and now you’re going to sit him down because he did something? He is going to be a millionaire.” In a word, quit.

Hill’s shortsighted opinion just puts into focus what is wrong with athletes today; they just want to get paid.  Their is no value in learning how to work hard, be disciplined and have accountability.  “He is going to be a millionaire” basically means that Hill thinks Muhammad is above the rules and does not require a lesson in accountability.  He broke the rules, Solomon! So instead of apologizing for doing something wrong, going to work with his teammates everyday and making the sacrifice to better himself and people around him, he should quite and focus on himself because he is going to be rich?  Selfish.

Hill sees the day coming soon when some of the best high school players start skipping college and choosing instead to hire an agent, trainer and nutritionist and work out until the following June’s NBA Draft, rather than risk facing investigations like fellow UCLA freshmen Kyle Anderson experienced and Muhammad continues to endure.

Basically, Hill does not believe that players should benefit from an education, learning from quality coaches, and develop lifelong bonds with teammates and friends. Ironic that these are all things that Hill has benefited from during his four years at the University of Arizona. Wonder how long it will take Sean Miller to use this as an opportunity to teach his players on how not to talk to the media?


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