Does the Wildcat Lodge Give John Calipari An Unfair Recruiting Advantage?

By Kelsey Budd
Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

John Calipari has been criticized for his somewhat celebrity approach to promoting the Kentucky WildcatsOpposing coaches were upset with the “All Access” special on ESPN and said that it was an unfair recruiting tool.  Another recruiting tool some might consider to be unfair can be added to the list: The Wildcat Lodge.

Calipari has provided his players with a mansion loaded with everything anybody could ever need.  The lodge looks like it is straight from MTV cribs and this alone could convince recruits that Kentucky is the place for them. There is no other school in the nation that can compete with this student-athlete housing.

The Wildcat Lodge is about 20 feet away from the practice facility, making it extremely convenient for the players to go back and forth.  But it gets better.

The house has a lounge, a dining area and bedrooms for each member of the team.  The lounge has numerous large televisions, video games, recliners and a pool table.  Not too shabby for college living.

Every night, there is a buffet style dinner for the Wildcats in their own house served by their own personal chef.  The personal chef will cook anything any of them want whenever they want.

If you want to go upstairs to the bedrooms, you can take the elevator.  Yes, elevator.  The beds, sinks, showers and closets are designed for seven footers, just another perk of the mansion.

If you want to argue that this is unfair, you should take a look at the walls inside the house.  They are loaded with national championship banners, trophies and a wall of NBA players that used to play for Kentucky.

This explains why Calipari can afford to provide his players with this luxurious lifestyle.

I guess they weren’t exaggerating when they said to be the best you got to have the best.





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