Kevin Ollie Pledges Large Donation for UCONN Basketball Facility

By marcvilas

Kevin Ollie, coach of the UCONN men’s basketball team, has pledged $100,000 for the UConn Basketball Development Center. He must be feeling really confident about continuing as coach of this program following his 2-0 start and huge opening win over then number 14 Michigan State.  Ollie is currently on a one year contract after replacing his former coach and mentor, Jim Calhoun. At the time of his hiring he was not given a vote of confidence from the Athletic Director Warde Manual, who had balked at Calhoun’s suggestions earlier this year to name Ollie as a coach in waiting.

Unlike his boss, Manuel, Ollie wants to show commitment and loyalty. “I have had the incredible opportunity to be a member of the Husky family and that experience has influenced every part of my life,” Ollie said in a statement. “I want to be an example for all former UConn basketball student-athletes, who have had the privilege of playing for two Hall of Fame coaches, to join me in supporting this facility. It will help ensure the long-term success of the programs that all of us helped establish.”Ollie may not of been trying to buy himself another contract but he did buy himself some more good will from his fan base.  Starting with a his big will over coaching legend Tom Izzo and now his generous gift, Ollie just continues to look like the kind of man you want leading your program.

UCONN needs to raise $38 million for their new facility and currently has a reported $24 million in donations and pledges.  The plan is to start construction in the spring.

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