Why the Gators Shouldn't Worry When Patric Young Gets Into Foul Trouble

By Trevor Lowry

The Florida Gators are not considered a top five team in college basketball likely for one reason: people think that they will be in trouble if Patric Young gets into foul trouble.

Sure, Young is clearly one of the best players on Florida, but that does not mean the team will be in trouble. Instead, the Gators can drain threes to the point that the opposing team wished Young was on the court.

It may sound odd, but Florida is definitely capable of winning big games even when its big man is not on the court.

Florida just got done spanking the Wisonsin Badgers and Young really wasn’t even a threat in the game. That is because this Gators team is very talented in a number of different ways.

Just take Erik Murphy for example. Wisonsin most likely prepared to contain Kenny Boynton first and foremost, but when a guy other than Boynton shoots 100 percent from the field and scores 24 points, it doesn’t matter if Boynton even touches the ball. Florida has a number of different players that can put the ball into the hoop at a high rate and it also has a very good zone defense that only allowed 56 points to the Badgers.

Florida does not have the biggest lineup in the world, but Murphy is 6’10”, Young is 6’9” and Will Yeguete is 6’7”. When Young is not in the game, both Yeguete and Murphy are talented enough to guard the opposing team’s big man. Sure, the Gators would probably have issues covering Cody Zeller, but what team wouldn’t?

Young is definitely a huge asset on this team, but the Gators are very capable of going deep into the NCAA tournament like they did the past two seasons, even if he does get into some foul trouble.

Offensively, the Gators have just as many weapons as anyone in the country. Mike Rosario is off to a good start, averaging 14.5 points per game. Then there is obviously the Big 3 on Florida, consisting of Boynton, Murphy and Young.

Other teams are going to have a tough time trying to keep up with Florida in the scoring department. The Gators can get on a roll in a hurry and whether playing good defense or not, this team can really rack up the points. However, the Gators do have a good defense and a very well-rounded team. So while people are saying that Florida will be slowed if Young gets into foul trouble they should instead be worrying about how opposing teams are going to contain a very talented team from top to bottom.

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