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Big Ten Should Not Add Maryland Terrapins And Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Paul Abell – US Presswire

I don’t like it. I don’t like the the thought of the Maryland Terrapins and Rutgers Scartlet Knights joining the Big Ten.

From a basketball standpoint, the addition of the Terrapins would be good. Maryland has a tradition of success in hoops, but it was one of the charter members of the Atlantic Coast Conference and should stay there.

Rutgers was average a year ago, finishing 14-18, and hasn’t been to the NCAA tournament since 1991.

The Scarlet Knights are a little better off this season, starting 2-1, but that doesn’t mean they are on the cusp of becoming a super power at any point in the near future.

But by Monday, we could have an announcement that both teams are headed to the Big Ten. It doesn’t make sense from a geographical standpoint because both schools are on the East Coast.

When you think Big Ten, you think Midwest, although I guess the addition of Penn State and Nebraska have sort of changed the landscape of that mental picture.

The move does make sense from a financial standpoint, however, and really, this is what the expansion of the Big Ten is really about.

The league would give itself a footprint out East, opening doors for recruiting and for television dollars.

Like it or not, money is the driving force of everything in this world.

I’m tired of seeing teams jump from one league to another, especially when it involves a stable league like the Big Ten, but the reality is its a trend that won’t be changing anytime soon.

Maryland and Rutgers appear to be the next teams in line to make a jump, and while the Big Ten doesn’t need either team to improve its product on the basketball court, its almost certain that both teams are headed to the league regardless of what anyone thinks.

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