Stanford Stops Brittney Griner, 42-Game Winning Streak Snapped

By Kelsey Budd

Brittney Griner missed a shot at the buzzer Friday night, giving No. 4 Stanford the victory over No. 1 Baylor.

The Stanford win snapped a 42 game Baylor winning streak, the fifth longest streak in NCAA women’s basketball.  After going undefeated last season, the Bears were not anticipating a loss anytime soon, certainly not this early in the season.

Baylor All-American point guard, Odyssey Sims, injured her hamstring in the beginning of the game and did not return.  The Bears were never able to get into the flow of their offense without Sims.

Sims is a key component to Baylor, but the success of Griner often over shadows her impact.  The duo compliments each other well and gives them a relentless inside outside threat.

Baylor does not have much experience in closing out close games and there is no doubt that hindered their ability to make clutch plays at the end.  Baylor is not used to being defeated and this loss will be used as motivation for the Lady Bears.

Of course Baylor did not want to lose this game, but it is going to make them a much stronger team in the long run.  They have now been reminded what losing feels like and they will not want to feel that again.

I don’t think many people in the country thought that Griner and Baylor could be stopped this year, but Stanford found a way.

This is good for the women’s game.  Fans have lost interest because of the large victory margins, so it will be great if more teams are able to compete with teams like Baylor.

With this record snapped, another record was set.  Brittney Griner has set a new record in NCAA women’s basketball with her eighth career dunk.

Baylor’s streak has been reset and it will be interesting to see how the Bears respond the rest of the season.


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