Why Maryland Would Be Smart To Join Big Ten

By Kelsey Budd
Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

The vote on whether or not Maryland will move to the Big Ten is tomorrow.  Leaving the ACC would mean a 50 million dollar buy out fee for the school, so the question is: Is the move to the Big Ten worth that amount of money?

Yes.  The Big Ten is one of the best football conferences each year, meaning Maryland will be able to bring in more fans and make more money, something they have struggled to do in the ACC.  But more importantly, from a basketball perspective the move would still be a good one.

People have argued that the ACC is a basketball conference and the Big Ten is not.  This may have been true in the past, but in the past few seasons and especially this year, the Big Ten has proven to be just as competitive.

The Big Ten has some of the best talent in the country, individually and team wise.  Maryland would only strengthen the conference and make it without a doubt the most dominant conference in the NCAA.  This trend would have potential to continue and earn the Big Ten a reputation of being a “basketball conference.”

Adding Maryland to the Big Ten would stretch out the conference even further, expanding the coverage across the nation, which would only lead to more popularity.  Maryland would be able to come into the Big Ten conference right away and compete for championships.

Maryland could make an impact in the Big Ten.  The fans will come along, the past memories and traditions will not fade away and there will be a lot of potential for new success.  Redefining your school with the potential to create a dynasty: That’s definitely worth 50 million dollars.

Sometimes all you need is a fresh start.

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