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Chris Obekpa: Three Nicknames for the St. John’s Red Storm Shot Blocking Freshman

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Chris Obekpa: Three Nicknames for the St. John's Red Storm Shot blocking Freshman

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The St. John's Red Storm aren't off to the fasted start in school history. Unfortunately for the Red Storm, after four games, they've compiled a 2-2 record. However they've somehow managed to look good in their defeats and show promise for the rest of the season. A key example of them looking swell is freshman Chris Obekpa.

Obekpa started his collegiate career with a bang, setting a St. John's single game school record with 8 blocks against the Detroit Titans. The next three games Obekpa has slowed his rate down but not by a huge margin, recording 9 more blocks. At the moment, the freshman from Makurdi, Nigeria, is averaging 4.3 blocks a game which places him fifth in the country as far as blocked shots go.

However, not a ton is known about this shot blocking czar. We know that the kid can block shots as frequently as baseball players used steroids in the 90's. But who is the man behind the blocks? What we do know is he averaged a scary 12 points, 13 rebounds and nine blocks for Our Savior New American in Coram, N.Y. We also know many experts considered Obekpa Steve Lavin's second highest rated recruit last year just behind JaKarr Sampson. Yet, that's about all we do know.

A man with this player's skill set needs to be noticed. The question isn't when but how will it happen. The answer, of course, is a gimmicky nickname.

Basketball provides us with plenty of awesome nicknames over the years. Ranking from "Speedy", "Magic", "Jelly Bean Jr." and the like, nicknames offer a neat insight to a player especially if it's one that's lesser known.

Against better judgement and with little information to go off of, I present to you "3 Nicknames for Chris Obekpa"

Joe covers the Big East for Rant Sports and apologizes for the poor attempt of satire that follows. Follow him on Twitter @JosephNardone

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Swats is a horrible nickname but let's be fair, coming up with a nickname for a guy you know nothing about is hard. Google this character and tell me you've found so much information you can come up with a better one. We know Obekpa can block shots, so something like "Swats" will fit him well. Plus I hear all the kids these days love hip sounding names. Swats sounds like some cool rapper...Or was that the rapping cat in Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" music video from the 80's?

Okay, the rapper's name isn't Swats. But a big you're welcome to the old folks for 80's nostalgia.

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The Nigerian Nylon Protector

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Oh man, I'm really stretching the lines of what a nickname is supposed to be here. Nicknames are generally an easy way to remember a player not a hard to keep in your dome saying. However, "The Nigerian Nylon Protector" is pretty practical. Obekpa's best attribute as a player is blocking shots away from the basket. The basket has a hoop hanging from it usually constructed out of nylon.

What if Obekpa's sole purpose on this planet is to protect nylon. I mean not just on the basketball court either. Imagine with me if you will, Mr. Obekpa running around New York City protecting everything made out of nylon. Nets hanging from rims on playgrounds, soccer goals, and um, okay I don't know anything else made out of nylon.

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This isn't an original Joseph Nardone nickname. I stole it via the Twitter device that's all the craze these days(did you know you can bother famous people on there like Jake Fischer or Paul Seaver. Give it a try, they love to be bothered). See, Oblockpa is a play on his last name Obekpa. All you do is keep the "O" and "pa" at the start and end of his of his surname while adding his defensive prowess to the middle.

If I was smart enough to "favor" the "re-tweet" the St. John's Twitter handle put out, I'd normally be nice enough to give credit where credit is due. Except I didn't. So I can't. So I won't. But I will give you a chance to come up with a better nickname and give you a prize.

Tweet #Pickles and put your recommended Obekpa nickname down. Winner gets nothing but shame. I mean you knowingly hash-tagged the word pickles, losers.