Maryland Terrapins’ Move To Big Ten Only Makes Sense From Financial Standpoint

Anthony Grupposo – US Presswire

Welcome to the Big Ten, Maryland Terrapins. Maryland’s Board of Regents voted unanimously to accept an invitation to join the league and bid farewell to the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Not sure why Maryland believes it’s a good idea to join the league, and from a basketball standpoint, it’s just a bad idea. Not to mention the fact that it’s going to cost the school $50 million for the exit fee from the ACC.

Some will say the Terrapins will have a chance to be more competitive in the Big Ten than in the ACC.

I beg to differ.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Big Ten did have three of its teams ranked in the top five in the nation in the preseason, including the top-ranked Indiana Hoosiers.

Maryland does have a history of success, and so obviously it will only add to the quality of basketball that is already played in the league.

But the travel demands will still be tough on Maryland and the opportunity to win a conference championship doesn’t suddenly sky rocket because it doesn’t have to worry about dealing with the Duke Blue Devils and North Carolina Tar Heels anymore.

The only reason the move makes sense is because of money.  End of story.

The Big Ten gets a market on the East Coast —- it will soon have two markets on the coast once the Rutgers Scarlet Knights join —- and that should help sweeten the new media deal that is on the horizon.

The Big Ten has been waiting for an opportunity to expand again, and now it has gotten the job done by adding Maryland.

The game of musical teams is getting old in college athletics, but because the game is driven by money, it’s not going end anytime soon.

After all, money talks and the Big Ten was willing to listen.

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