Rick Barnes Has Long Overstayed His Welcome At Texas

By Riley Schmitt
Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

Rick Barnes has been at Texas since 1998 and he has had some good years. He has been to the Final Four once and the Elite Eight on two separate occasions. However, the teams he coaches always seem to underachieve. After an absolute blowout loss to Chaminade, should Texas think about making a coaching change in the near future?

Myck Kabongo is currently out with an injury but there is no reason that Texas should ever be in a close game with Chaminade.  A school with as much money and resources as Texas should be throttling a team like this.  However, Barnes has consistently failed to develop the talent on his roster.  I mean, he did absolutely nothing with a Kevin Durant-led team.  That should have raised more red flags.

Barnes is always getting out-coached as any college basketball fan will tell you.  His end of game coaching borders on comical and he absolutely refuses to make in-game adjustments.  You simply will not win if fail to adjust to what is happening on the court.  You can have all the talent in the world but they need to be coached up in the right way.

If Texas struggles this year, I think the school needs to make a change.  He simply is not getting the job done anymore.  The school could go after a young coach who can, you know, actually coach.  Barnes has failed to do that in recent years and it has led to some problems.  A loss to Chaminade is probably just the iceberg.

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