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Whistleblower for UNC Academic Scandal Goes Public

Jeremy Brevard-US Presswire

The academic scandal at the University of North Carolina has heated up to an all-time high as a woman with information on academic cheating at UNC has now gone public.  Mary Willingham, who still works for the university, gave an interview to  the Raleigh News & Observer‘s newspaper that gave details of the academic fraud she witnessed while working with athletes.

Willingham describes classes that where taken by women and men’s basketball players that were called lecture classes but never actually met. She also claims that numerous football and basketball players came to the university with academic histories that showed them incapable of doing college-level work, especially at one of the nation’s top public universities.

Some athletes told Willingham they had never read a book or written a paragraph, but they were placed in no-show classes that required a 20-page paper and came away with grades of B or better. The most popular courses for athletes were the independent studies offered by the African studies department, which by the mid-2000′s averaged nearly 200 a year. Independent studies required no class time and often not much more than a term paper.

Willingham, who did not give any physical evidence to the newspaper, said she met with university attorneys at their request in mid 2010, during the NCAA investigation, to discuss what happened in 2008.

She said they thanked her for coming, and never talked to her again. She said she never heard from the NCAA. Why? Where is the NCAA in all of this?  It is doubtful that UNC is the only school that has a cheating problem, but the magnitude of this scandal grows with every story.

A month ago adults of consequence began to loose their jobs and hopefully the men and women that were helping falsify these athletes education are held accountable as well.  When are we going to see the university hold the coaches, counselors and teachers accountable for their actions?  Because we all know that when the NCAA gets involved the future athletes of UNC will be held accountable for the actions of past employees of UNC, which is wrong.  The adults who tried to miss-lead the youth need to take responsibility for their own actions.