Georgia Fights Hard Against No. 1 and No. 11 Ranked Teams in the Nation

By Taylor Sturm
Debby Wong – US Presswire

After recently playing a tough game against the Indiana Hoosiers -leading for most of the game but being overpowered at the end for a loss – the Georgia Bulldogs  barely lost to the #11 ranked UCLA Bruins. A Bruins team that did finally have on the court star #2 overall recruit Shabazz Muhammed (recently declared eligible by the NCAA). Without Muhammed, the Bruins would have lost.

The top teams in the SEC should be worried. The Bulldogs have started the season 1 – 4, which is a horrible start to the season for a team that was expected to make it late into the NCAA tournament. However, despite Georgia losing to two less than average teams in Southern Mississippi and Youngstown State, Georgia has looked exceptional against some of the top teams in the country.

Georgia is a “hot-and-cold” team. Throughout games they seem to go through stretches of brilliance and stretches of poor play, both seeming to depend on the play of Guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Forward Nemanja Djurisic. If these two players can get on the same page for entire games, the Bulldogs can hang with the likes of Kentucky and Florida. Top teams should be worried, but the teams that should be most worried are teams like Arkansas, Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama, and Missouri. These teams are all tournament ready, but could be surprised by a “hot” Georgia team.

Georgia looks like a team similar to UConn two years ago. A team that could ride a hot streak to winning the SEC tournament and, it’s a stretch, but at times, look like they could upset in the NCAA tournament. Georgia is a dark horse in the SEC for a reason, and the past two games have proven that they have what it takes to play top level basketball. A word of advice for other SEC teams: Beware.


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