Georgia's Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: The Best Guard in the SEC?

By Taylor Sturm
Kevin Liles – US Presswire

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Last year, he could have gone to the NBA draft and succeeded his first year in the NBA. This Sophomore Guard shoots lights out, consistently, and shows clear signs of being the best Guard in the SEC.

The Upside: He’s a Sophomore. That means he has two more years of eligibility, and, because he stayed for his Sophomore season, is committed to this Georgia team. The Bulldogs are not that talented in an ultra-talented SEC and lost a lot of talent at the end of last year, but he still stayed.

Caldwell-Pope averaged 13 points a game his Freshman season, and so far this season – against extremely tough opposition – has averaged 18 points a game. He’s not just a scorer but a master at assists and rebounds. He’s an all-around great player and should definitely be in the All-SEC mix. He showed All-American prowess against both #1 Indiana and #11 UCLA as well. Mark Fox is lucky to have this player on his team.

The Downside: Every game depends on him. It’s hard for a player, in a long season and against a tough schedule, to maintain dominance. He needs some help from other members of the Bulldogs team if Georgia is going to go somewhere. They cannot win with only Caldwell-Pope producing. Caldwell-Pope knows this and sometimes tries too hard. Sometimes he forces shots or passes. However, he has to or the team will remain stagnant offensively.

If Caldwell-Pope continues to play as well as he has for the remainder of the season, he could be a candidate for the best player in the country.

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