Grinnell College: Jack Taylor Scores 138 Points in One Game (Video)

By Joseph Nardone

So yes, there is a Division III school named Grinnell College. I know that’s why you’re currently reading this and not for the fact a player scored 138 points in a game. Jack Taylor, a sophomore guard, put up 138 points last night while shooting 52-108 from the floor and 21-71 from distance. Take away the stat that his long range game looked off, Taylor set a record for most points scored in a game at any collegiate level.

Thanks to that game Taylor is averaging just under 62 points per game for the season. In the same game, one which no defense was played, Faith Baptist Bible’s David Larson put up 70 of his own.

Now I’d be lying if I told you I heard of either team, players involved, or coaching histories, but I’m guessing man-ball defense isn’t heavily practiced. Don’t believe me, apparently just 366 days ago Taylor’s teammate Griffin Lentsch scored a then Division III record 89 points, he only finished this game with seven bad boys.

I’ve tried to dig up more stuff for you from this game but it has been awfully hard. However, there is a snippet of a quote from this game from Mr. Taylor:

“It felt like anything I tossed up was going in,” said Taylor.

Really, that is it. I guess this isn’t out of the norm for Grinnell as this is the style of play they like. So don’t be surprised when ESPN7 starts to air their games. I mean I’d watch. Enough of this nonsense, here is the video.

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