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Week 2 SEC Power Rankings

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SEC Power Rankings


Feast Week has not disappointed in any way whatsoever. Heck, even the Georgia Bulldogs put a up a fight against both UCLA and Indiana in the Progressive Legends Classic. However, Georgia still lost both games. Whether the case, the Week 2 SEC Power Rankings have changed up a bit.

The Florida Gators have looked amazing so far, despite the fact that they were in a close one against Middle Tennessee at halftime. However, Kenny Boynton went down in the Gators’ last game, but he returned to the bench shortly after, but did not renter the game.

Florida was playing Savannah State though and it was kind of winning by a lot at the time, so safety precautions were probably being used towards Boynton.

Over this past week, both Florida and Missouri moved up in the polls and are sitting pretty nicely in them I must say. Kentucky obviously dropped a couple of spots, with the loss to the Duke Blue Devils last week, but all three of these teams will stay in the same spot in the SEC Power Rankings, for now that is.

The Wildcats finally looked like a team that could win a national championship, beating Lafayette 101-49. Okay, it was against an easy team, but it still must feel nice to break the 100-point barrier, especially when the opposing team doesn’t even score 50 points.

There is still seven undefeated teams in the SEC, but you could expect that this early in the season.

Week 2 SEC Power Rankings are out. See if your team made any progress in the rankings.

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14. Mississippi State Bulldogs

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Record: 1-3

Unfortunately, for Mississippi State, it had to play North Carolina and Marquette in back-to-back games. Therefore, the Bulldogs got blown out in back-to-back games.

The Bulldogs will have to play the Texas Longhorns next. Maybe they will get back on track, but they are the worst team in the SEC right now.

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13. Georgia Bulldogs


Record: 1-4

Georgia lost its last four games in a row. However, it played great basketball against Indiana and UCLA in the Legends Classic. If this team can bring the kind of intensity that it did in those games all season long, Georgia could really make some noise this year.

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12. Auburn Tigers

Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE

Record: 2-2

The Auburn Tigers really don’t have that bad of losses on the schedule, losing to Murray State and Dayton, but they are still losses and a 2-2 start is never a good thing.

The Tigers will have Boston College next.

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11. Vanderbilt Commodores


Record: 1-1

Vanderbilt could only manage 48 points against the Oregon Ducks. The Commodores will have Davidson, Villanova and Xavier next. Win those games and Vanderbilt will be back on the map, but only one of those games is a likely victory for this team.

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10. South Carolina Gamecocks

south carolina

Record: 3-0

It is not surprising that Frank Martin has South Carolina off to a 3-0 start, but the competition has been easy and it won’t get much tougher until the Gamecocks play St. John’s on Nov. 29.

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9. LSU Tigers

Crystal Logiudice-US PRESSWIRE

Record: 3-0

Luckily for LSU, it got Johnny O’Bryant III back and Shavon Coleman is still doing his thing, by dropping 22 points in his last game. O’Bryant III returned with 13 points and six rebounds.

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8. Texas A&M Aggies


Record: 4-1

Texas A&M lost to a very good St. Louis team and then followed that up by beating Washington State by one point.

This team lives and dies by the Turners.

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7. Ole Miss Rebels

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Record: 4-0

Ole Miss has played four easy opponents, but the Rebels have also beat all four of those teams.

Ole Miss has a very easy out-of-conference schedule, so it is going to get a serious wakeup call when it opens up SEC play against Tennessee and Missouri.

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6. Arkansas Razorbacks


Record: 3-0

Arkansas has a trap game against Arizona State before it plays Syracuse. The Razorbacks should beat ASU, but that is why they call it a trap games.

B.J. Young and Marshawn Powell are still tearing things up, by averaging more than 17 points per game each.

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5. Tennessee Volunteers


Record: 3-1

The Tennessee Volunteers were handed their first loss of the season by a very good Oklahoma State team. In fact, this Cowboys team just got done beating North Carolina State by 20 points.

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4. Alabama Crimson Tide


Record: 4-0

Alabama is looking like a team that can challenge for an SEC title. Trevor Lacey and Trevor Releford are one of the best two player combos in the conference and their combined 34.1 points per game is proof of this.

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3. Missouri Tigers


Record: 3-0

Missouri has not been challenged yet this season and really should’t be by the looks of its schedule until Dec. 28, which gives this team plenty of time to really learn how to play together and get Michael Dixon back.

Phil Pressey’s inconsistent play has been the buzz of this team, but Pressey and the Tigers will be just fine.

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2. Florida Gators


Record: 4-0

The only reason why Florida hasn't passed Kentucky yet is because the Gators haven’t played the toughest competition outside of Wisconsin. However, the win against the Badgers is more than the Wildcats can say.

Florida’s schedule is about to get a lot tougher though and if they can come out alive in its next four games, they will definitely pass Kentucky on this list.

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1. Kentucky Wildcats


Record: 2-1

Kentucky is still the team to beat in the SEC because of its talent. However, talent does not mean everything.

The Wildcats can really get back on track by winning against Notre Dame and Baylor, but those games won’t take place until next week. In the meantime, Kentucky will have to play Morehead State and LIU Brooklyn.

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