Maryland Legends Lefty Driesell and Gary Williams Disagree

By marcvilas

Before the days of Mark TurgeonMaryland was led by legends in the coaching business, Lefty Driesell and Gary Williams.  For decades each of these titans patrolled the sidelines of the Terrapins, each with their distinctive scowl on their face.  Both won a lot of games in the ACC including ACC championships, but now they do not have something in common.  Driesell and Williams do not see eye to eye on Maryland’s move to the BIG 10.

Driesell says, ”I think it’s a sad day.  You know, I played in the first ACC tournament when I was playing at Duke and I’ve always loved the ACC.  I coached in it for 17 years, did announcing in it for two years.  It’s a great league. … I think it’s a terrible decision [to move].  You tell me one thing that’s good about it.  Besides money, what’s one thing? … I’m an old timer.  I’m 80 years old.  College athletics used to be for the students, not for the business people.” Inspirational words spoken from a man who inspired generations of outstanding players.  Driesell points out the driving force behind the move, money. With millions of dollars being thrown all over the place some people just can not help themselves from trying to grab what they can.

Williams try’s to justify the move by saying, “You look around today with what’s going on and those schools (in the Big Ten) are certainly in keeping with what Maryland feels about academics,” said Williams. “You look at a school like Notre Dame that signed its own TV contract and are now partially joining the ACC. They’re looking out for their university. I think Maryland is looking at what’s best for them for the future, it’s not about today.”  Today what is going on is that this has nothing to do with academics.  Duke versus Iowa in an academic debate?  Come on, get real coach Williams just admit it, Maryland wants a bigger piece of the pie and the BIG 10 offered that slice.

It obviously does not matter what these legends have to say as the fat cats running the universities around the country will continue to make decisions based on dollar signs.  Get ready for a time where there are four major conferences that have nothing to do with geography, history or academics. The only thing that will matter is the size of their television deal and their bank accounts.

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