Morehead State Coach Sean Woods Sets Terrible Example

By Dan Irwin
Sean Woods
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It’s hard for someone who isn’t involved in a particular line of work to tell a professional–someone getting paid for what it is they’re doing–that what they’re doing stinks.

But Sean Woods, what you’re doing absolutely stinks.

There is no justification with, “We’re going to fight,” or any other generic tough talk that you’re going to use to try and slip out of this.  You don’t know how to coach with a level head, plain and simple.

After the meltdown Morehead State Eagles basketball coach Sean Woods had on Wednesday against the Kentucky Wildcats, his comments show that he is completely clueless about even the idea that he did something wrong. The video doesn’t get any less painful to watch, no matter how many times it’s seen.

“How did they look tonight? They look just like me, right,” an absolutely delusional Woods said after the game. Woods’ demeanor was like that of a junior high kid who is wanting to get the last word on an argument on Wednesday. Several times after turning away from Devon Atkinson, he would snap back in his face with saucer-wide eyes, incensed on yelling at his point guard.

I understand being tough. I understand hard-nosed coaching. I also understand a coach at a small-time school who realizes he’s on television and is trying to be as “Will Muschamp” as possible in order to attract attention.

Oh, you’ve got attention now.

Morehead State athletic department spokesman Matt Segal said Thursday that they are internally reviewing disciplinary options, and that they will be announced on Friday.

This incident follows another uncomfortable situation to watch as Woods lost his control in a similar fashion on Chad Posthumus in their game against the Maryland Terrapins. Woods attacks Posthumus with the same crazed, tyrannical outpouring of careless emotion.

And I get it; he’s trying to fire his players up. To Woods, getting in their faces and yelling at them from point blank range is somehow firing them up, making them tough and enabling them to knock down mountains.

Maybe explaining shot selection to his players would have been good, since the one-and done looks the Eagles were taking late in the game were pretty bad…that is after all the coach’s responsibility. He must have been working on what he was going to say next if someone said something smart.

Regardless, the game against Kentucky is over, and coach Woods likely feels as if he’s some amazing coach for his team staying in the game against Kentucky for as long as they did. Look for Woods to act like he’s too cool for school when his punishment is handed out and make a point that he won’t be less of a Tasmanian devil on the sideline. Just like a toddler who’s just been re-enforced with bad behavior, so too has Woods realized he’s getting a lot of attention and is going to try and be “that tough coach” now.

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