Are the Duke Blue Devils the Best Team in the Nation?

By Trevor Lowry

The Duke Blue Devils have now beaten the No. 3 Kentucky Wildcats and No. 2 Louisville Cardinals this season. With that, are the Blue Devils the best team in college basketball?

Sorry, Indiana, but the obvious answer has to be yes. No team has had two better wins than Duke so far this year. Sure, the Hoosiers haven’t really had the chance to beat quality teams like Duke has yet, but that doesn’t matter. The benefit should go to Duke.

The Blue Devils have beaten two very solid teams so far. Kentucky won the national championship last year and Louisville made it all of the way to the Final Four. That is pretty impressive to beat both of those teams this early in the season.

Next, Duke will have to take on the No. 3 Ohio State Buckeyes. If the Blue Devils win that game then there is no reason in the world why they wouldn’t be the best team in the country. In fact, just crown them the national champs already if they can pull off that victory. Okay, not really, but beating three top five teams in the first seven games of the season would be pretty crazy.

Seth Curry and Mason Plumlee are playing like the best duo in the country right now, beating ranked teams left and right and averaging a combined 36.7 points per game. However, there are three other players on this team averaging in double figures.

Duke has also beaten Minnesota and VCU this year. Show me a team that has more quality wins than the Blue Devils this season and then we will talk. Until then, Mike Krzyzewski‘s team is the team to beat in college basketball.


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