Big Ten Dominates Week 4 College Basketball AP Rankings

By Kelsey Budd

The Big Ten Conference dominated the AP rankings this week, posting six teams in the top 25.  These were the week four rankings:

 1. Indiana

3. Michigan

4. Ohio State

13. Michigan State

21. Minnesota

22. Illinois

Not only were there six teams in the top 25, but three out of the top four teams are from the Big Ten.  The Big Ten has been criticized in the past for being a football conference not a basketball conference, but that is not the case this year.

This year, the Big Ten will be known as a basketball conference and is hands down the most competitive conference in the league.  These six teams are flat out dominant, but the bottom of the conference is not too shabby either.  Wisconsin, who was recently dropped from the rankings, Purdue and Northwestern have the potential to compete with any of these teams on any given night.

Overall, the conference has a 57-11 record, giving the Big Ten a better winning percentage than any other conference in the nation.

With five teams still undefeated and talent across the board, it is sure that this years conference season will be one of the most entertaining and competitive ever.

With the surplus of talent in the Big Ten, it is very likely this year’s NCAA Champion could be a member of this conference.  This year is a major turning point for the Big Ten and there is no question that future big recruits are going to be looking to enter this conference.

I’d say the Big Ten is well on its way to being recognized for more than just football.


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