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Pittsburgh Forward Trey Zeigler Charged With DUI

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

Trey Zeigler, a forward for the Pittsburgh Panthers, was charged for a DUI Sunday morning.

This is Zeigler’s first year at Pitt after transferring from Central Michigan at the end of last season. He left Central Michigan when his father was fired as the head coach for the Chippewas.

Zeigler apologized to his teammates, coaches and fans for his actions, but will be indefinitely suspended from the team.

This is definitely not the way for Zeigler to make a first impression at his new school and will certainly not be the way to earning him more playing time. The forward averaged 16 points and 6 rebounds last year at CMU but has not been able to make the same impact this year, only averaging 6 points thus far.

Pitt has the potential to be a successful team this year, competing well with Michigan in the 67-62 loss. Michigan is one of the best teams in the nation, so that should give Pitt a lot of confidence moving forward into the season.

After exposing their potential, the last thing they need is a negative distraction like this. Zeigler acknowledged his mistake, but he must act on what he said and come out of this doing everything he can to make it up to his team.

Only time will tell if Zeigler will use this as a motivating factor or let this be the defining moment of his career at Pitt.