A Chance to Save the Season Approaches for the Vanderbilt Commodores

By Taylor Sturm
Marvin Gentry – US Presswire

On the city’s western border, reared against the sky…a way to save the season approaches for the Vanderbilt Commodores.

Kevin Stallings and the Commodores were expected to be rebuilding this year after losing Jeffrey Taylor, Festus Elzeli, John Jenkins, and most of their team to the NBA and graduation, but no one expected Vanderbilt to be this bad. With horrible losses to the Marist Red Foxes, Davidson Wildcats, and Oregon Ducks, Vanderbilt’s season looks like it’s going to be one to forget.

However, Vanderbilt, despite early losses, is only 2 – 3. Not a bad record for a team that could be the worst in the SEC. The next two games for the Commodores will be against a 3-3 Villanova team and an extremely talented Xavier team. Winning against just one of these teams will be a season victory for the Commodores. Villanova is a pedigreed, consistently good team that has not had much luck in the past few years, but for this young Vanderbilt squad it would mean everything to beat them. Vanderbilt, although very young, matches up well with Xavier’s dangerous speed and the game will be closer than most people think.

Vanderbilt can save their season with just one of these wins. The Commodores are not going to the NCAA tournament, or even the NIT tournament, but if they can look back at the end of the year and say “we beat Xavier” or “we beat Villanova” the season will not seem like a waste. Vanderbilt has a lot of young talent and the amount of confidence such wins will bring into the future is astronomical and essential to the growth of Vanderbilt as a program.  Look to the Commodores to continue to improve as the season goes along.

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