Cincinnati Makes Pitch to Join the ACC

By Anthony Lenahan
Josh H. Holmberg-US Presswire

Conference realignment has been a disaster over the past year.  It seems like every team is moving to a different conference.  A hot spot has been the ACC, with multiple Big East teams agreeing to join.

Now another Big East school is making their pitch to join the ACC.  Cincinnati is pushing to join the conference by campaigning that their value to the conference is greater than Connecticut and Louisville who are also fighting for that final ACC spot, if the conference allows another school to join.

Members of Cincinnati feel it can compete to join the ACC with UConn and Louisville to replace Maryland who is heading to the Big 10.

Cincinnati feels that it brings both a top 25 football team and a top 25 basketball team to the conference.  A powerhouse basketball conference, but also a weak football conference and Cincinnati can improve the football aspect of the ACC.

Also the Bearcats have the 26th ranked endowment in the country, which is better than six members of the ACC.

TV market and academic research are also two pitches the University has made to show that they fit in with members of the conference.

One of the most important pitches the University made was where it is located.  Cincinnati is in Ohio, which is one of the hottest recruiting areas.  Being able to recruit Ohio kids allows for the ACC to expand their territory and get new exposure as well.

The ACC has not announced if they will add another school to replace Maryland.  They may add one more school or could even two or three schools.

Cincinnati has stepped into the discussion to join the conference by using facts to show that they would fit in.  The Bearcats are trying to leave the Big East who is slowly losing all of their big name teams.

It seems like all the talk about conference realignment has dealt with the ACC and now Cincinnati has just added to the fire.

No matter who joins the conference next year, if someone even does, it will be one of the most competitive conferences in the nation once again.

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