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College Basketball Week 3: Big East Power Rankings

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College Basketball Week 3: Big East Power Rankings

Big East Power Rankings

It's been an interesting week for the Big East Conference. Many teams are starting to show their true colors and fall to the wayside while others are exceeding expectations. Most teams have at least 6 games under their belt and we are starting to get a better feel for what teams are promising, which are good now, and who flat-out stinks. Other important things to keep an eye out for is the injury bug that has hit some teams and is looming over others.

Most of the Big East teams have played a pretty soft non-conference schedule except for the few that were in fairly prestigious tournaments. Obviously a few Big East teams stood out due to their play against a top-notch teams. It's easy to get excited but we still need to remember it's early for both teams that played not just the Big East school. So neither team likely played their best brand of basketball.

On the flip side. Not wanting to jump the gun on any teams after an early loss is getting harder and harder to do. However, some schools have made it easier to do the rankings thanks to some horrible losses to borderline Division II schools. Early struggles are expected but if you can't handle small conference schools who aren't supposed to be good to begin with, you're going to be in trouble.

That brings us to "The Big East Rankings: Week 3" of our hilarity filled journey together. Shall we get going?

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15) DePaul Blue Demons (Last week 11) 2-3

15) DePaul Blue Demons
Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

It is what it is for the DePaul Blue Demons. Considering other teams have far more injuries and are putting up more of a fight than DePaul, the Blue Demons are easy to be slotted as the worst team in the Big East. I really like some of the players on this roster so who's to blame? Sadly, the answer to the same question DePaul fans have been asking is the same one it's been for nearly two decades.

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14) Providence Friars (Last week 15) 4-2

14) Providence Friars
Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

The Providence Friars are moving up a spot due to DePaul's ineptitude to beat anybody, not because of the Friars level of play. With Vincent Council still injured the road to decency is still a treacherous one for Providence.

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13) Villanova Wildcats (Last week 10) 3-3


I really don't know what to say about the Villanova Wildcats. They are coming off some inexcusable losses and aren't showing a lot of promise. This is surprising for a Jay Wright coached team.

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12) Rutgers Scarlet Knights (last week 14) 4-1

12) Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Sometimes a team is exactly who you expect them to be. The Rutgers Scarlet Knights are struggling to beat some lower-level teams but are doing what they are supposed to in beating those same teams.

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11) South Florida Bulls (Last week 13) 4-2

11) South Florida Bulls

The South Florida Bulls started off struggling, losing two out for their first four games. Luckily for them, their two games last week were against the YMCA intramural squad(junior division).

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10) Seton Hall Pirates (Last week 12) 5-1

10) Seton Hall Pirates

The Seton Hall Pirates have looked pretty strong against weak competition. Considering the teams they've played I doubt the record is indicative to the team they'll be when conference play begins.

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9) St. John's Red Storm (Last week 10) 4-2

9) St. John's Red Storm
Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

After two losses last week the St. John's Red Storm turned the ship around against weaker teams(Seems to be a theme). More importantly for the Red Storm is the development of their freshmen and the vastly improved Phil Greene IV.

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8) Connecticut Huskies (Last week 9) 5-1

8) Connecticut Huskies

The Connecticut Huskies are a mystery to me. UConn is not supposed to be deep and have an inexperienced head coach in Kevin Ollie. Except they keep on winning games while the players seem to be playing their hearts out for Ollie.

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7) Marquette Golden Eagles (Last week 7) 5-1

7) Marquette Golden Eagles

We've reached the section of our rankings where most teams can be switched around. The Marquette Golden Eagles are standing pat at number seven until they show something against a big time opponent. That happens in just two days as they face the seventh ranked Florida Gators in Gainesville.

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6) Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Last week 6) 6-1

6) Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Don't complain about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish not moving up a few spots despite some teams losing in front of them more recently. The Irish's lone loss is worse than any of the team's losses ahead of them.

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5) Pittsburgh Panthers (Last week 3) 5-1

5) Pittsburgh Panthers
Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

The Pittsburgh Panthers lost to a overachieving Michigan Wolverines team. It's not something they should be ashamed of, and don't worry Pitt Fan, the Panthers have a slew of cupcakes lined-up to help right the ship.

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4) Georgetown Hoyas (Last week 5) 4-1

4) Georgetown Hoyas

Only the Georgetown Hoyas can be moved up in the rankings with a loss. Georgetown lost to the number one ranked team in the country last week and showed a lot of people how good they can be. But still, can you name two players on their roster? I'll wait...

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3) Cincinnati Bearcats (Last week 4) 6-0

3) Cincinnati Bearcats
Josh Holmberg-US PRESSWIRE

Okay, I didn't jump on the Cincy bandwagon to start the season. Then, last week I admitted I was wrong about them. Well, now I need to see them play teams of significance before I anoint them the best team in the conference.

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2) Syracuse Orange (Last week 2) 4-0

2) Syracuse Orange

I know the team ahead of them lost, and the Syracuse Orange are still undefeated, but they've played nobody of importance outside their opening game. Not unusual, outside their carrier game, Syracuse's first game outside the state of New York is Friday. Then they don't leave the state again until January. What a sneaky bunch of folks.

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1) Louisville Cardinals (Last week 1) 5-1

1) Louisville Cardinals

I'm not going to penalize the Louisville Cardinals for losing to the fifth ranked team in the country just a day after beating the thirteenth. But this can change rather quickly since Gorgui Dieng has been ruled out 4-6 weeks with a broken left wrist.