Duo of Trevor Lacey and Trevor Releford Lead Alabama Crimson Tide to Undefeated Start

By Taylor Sturm
Kelly Lambert – US Presswire

The Alabama Crimson Tide are undefeated to start the season. They won the 2K Classic with ease defeating all opponents by a decent margin, and continued that domination throughout the first few games of the season. These victories, and Alabama’s undefeated start to the season, are mostly due to the outstanding play of Alabama’s star players with the same name, Trevor Releford and Trevor Lacy.

Trevor2 (yes, Trevor squared – I figured the duo was worthy of a nickname) is averaging over thirty points a game (almost 50% of Alabama’s average offense), averaging over 7 assists a game (over 50% of Alabama’s average assists), and a combined 5 steals a game. Together they allow Alabama to flow and play cohesively. These two players are the best duo in the SEC. Say what you will about the inconsistent Kenny Boynton and Patric Young at Florida, these two talented Trevors’ are all but unstoppable at times consistently throughout every game.

The wonderful start to the season for the Crimson Tide makes one wonder…what if All-American caliber player Tony Mitchell had not been suspended? Trevor2 along with Mitchell – especially with the outstanding early season play from Rodney Cooper – would make Alabama a national title contender. Crimson Tide fans hope to continue to win (especially against #17 Cincinnati on Saturday, December 1st), but Mitchell’s transfer will be hanging over their heads if the season falls short of expectations.

Trevor2 can lead the Crimson Tide to major upsets all around the SEC. At the beginning of the season it looked like the SEC East was clearly the dominant half of the SEC, but Alabama is proving the early projections wrong. Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee watch out: Trevor2 and the Crimson Tide are coming.


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