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State of the Big East Address


Another day and another ripple in conference realignment.  With every move that happens, we search for winners and losers which far too often is the Big East.  Today they decided to add Tulane for all sports and East Carolina for just football.  The same Green Wave team that has not had a winning record in football since 2002.  The basketball team hasn’t had that much more success as their best record was 17-13 in 2006-07.

East Carolina is a solid pickup especially in football.  The Pirates have a widespread fanbase and some sort of direction going 8-4 this season.  The basketball team is 5-0 this season and has had some solid teams in the past

While these two additions were made, a departure or two was being rumored.  Reports say that Louisville is a vote away from being a part of the ACC.  The Cardinals leaving would be a blow to a conference that is striving for some sort of relevance.  This would then force UConn to consider their options in a conference lacking star power   What about the basketball only schools like Georgetown, Providence, St. John’s and Seton Hall? There’s always been the chance that they’d break off and form a conference with certain members of the CAA and Atlantic 10.

The long and short of it is that this conference is becoming Conference USA and that’s not the direction to go.  This is a tense time for the folks at the Big East.  They have been reacting to the moves of others instead of making moves themselves and forcing others to catch up. It may be too late, but there certainly will be more involving this conference on the realignment front. Hard to believe that Temple will be the only football school there from when I was in school at Syracuse back in 2003 soon.