The Big East Conference Goes from Soap Opera to Bad Reality Show

By Merlisa
Debby Wong-US Presswire

Keeping up with the Kardashians is easier than keeping track of who’s in and who’s out of the Big East Conference.

Today the Tulane Green Wave and East Carolina Pirates became the latest to join the Big East.  Tulane will become a full member in 2014 and East Carolina is joining in football only.

Let’s see, West Virginia is out.  Pitt, Notre Dame, Syracuse and Rutgers announced they’re leaving too.  Connecticut, Louisville and South Florida are plotting their escape.

At first, all the intrigue, broken promises and shattered relationships seemed like a soap opera.  But soap opera story lines take months, sometimes years to unfold. With weekly developments and pending departures, the Big East looks more like a bad reality show.

The league is playing “Survivor”, hoping another prominent member doesn’t vote themselves off the island.  And if another big time program departs, the league wants to avoid a “Basketball Wives” style showdown like when West Virginia got all up in their face, suing to leave.

The Big East’s got talent, but some of the talent  — Louisville, South Florida and UCONN — are cozying up to the Atlantic Coast Conference like desperate bachelorettes on “The Bachelor”, anxiously awaiting a rose.

If one of those teams leave, the Big East once again sets off on an “Amazing Race” to find another member. The X-Factor?  One of the “Big Brother” leagues, like the Southeastern Conference, might pluck a couple of teams from the ACC.

Then it’s back to “Extreme Makeover”: ACC Edition.  That could leave the Big East as the “Biggest Loser”.

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