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5 Suggestions for New Big East Conference Name

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5 Suggestions for New Big East Conference Name

5 Suggestions for new Big East Name

Okay, somebody should call the fight. The Big East as we knew it is officially dead. Don't listen to blind loyalists who will defend the brand no matter what happens. We need to be clear; if anybody honestly thinks replacing traditional powers with something called the Tulane Green Wave is a good move they are just biased(or insane). Even though the death of the Big East is sad it does mean it's time to re-brand the product.

If you want to somehow argue that the Big East will continue to be relevant, which it won't, nobody can deny that it's no longer an eastern coast-based conference. Programs have joined the conference from both coasts of the country, and while that will be great when a literal conference war breaks out (oceans on lock down), it doesn't do a lot for the name "Big East", emphasis on the East.

Conference commissioner Mike Aresco feels the same way. Here is a statement released by Aresco, while complete bull, shows how important he thinks being a national conference is:

"Although we are disappointed that Rutgers has decided to leave the Big East Conference, we wish them well. They have been a valued member of the Conference for many years.

We realize that conference realignment is currently a fact of life in college sports. In the context of this realignment, changes in our membership have been taking place, including important additions. In fact, the Big East has expanded its scope with new members in California, Texas, Florida, Idaho, Tennessee and Pennsylvania. As a result, the Big East has created a unique national football conference that is a factor in the BCS championship, remains the nation’s strongest basketball conference top to bottom, and is a major force across the full spectrum of men’s and women’s college sports. We remain committed to, and confident in, the continued growth and vitality of the Big East conference."

That is some great stuff and all but that doesn't sound anything like that Big East we grew up with. If AA taught me anything it's the first step in solving a problem is admitting you have one. The Big East has a problem, it's no longer the Big East. One can't fault Aresco for trying to keep the brand as viable as possible but the re-branding starts now.

That's why we are going to give Aresco 5 suggestions on what to rename the conference.

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The National Conference

Sad Face
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Aresco said the conference has a "national" characteristic. This does a few things for Aresco. It gives the perception of still being powerful. The word national itself just feels so much more mighty than "Southern" or "Atlantic". Also, "TNC" just rolls of the tongue.

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The Big National Conference

Even Sadder
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If they want to keep any form of ties to the Big East as it originally was then leaving the word "Big" in the name will do it for you. Plus it has that rock band name feel. The Big National Conference, how I can see you being mediocre now.

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The Biggest Big East Conference

How Sad
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Say what you want about conference realignment but the Big East is having no problem substituting quality with quantity. So yeah, the conference is trying to go coast to coast. Or is really just trying to extend the eastern seaboard to San Diego?

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The Stepping Stone Conference

Real Sad

Everyone is jumping ship from the Big East. It doesn't matter if they were a founding father or if they were only a member for 37 seconds. Universities have been using the league as a stepping stone for a few years now. Aresco might as well take advantage of it. He can lure low-level programs to the conference in hopes they as well can leave it behind one day.

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The Forgetting Us? Conference Killers!

It's Dead
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Enough is enough. The Big East is dead. You know it, I know it, Aresco knows it. Every program is in the race to find a seat at the money table known as football. While basketball lovers like me secretly wish for an all hoops conference it doesn't generate the kind of money football does. So while Aresco isn't giving up on football entirely, they have programs nobody wants to see play. With a picture-box contract still on the horizon it's hard to believe any network will shill out any money for what used to be a power conference. No money, no money for coaches, no good coaches, no good basketball programs.

Everyone has forgotten the Big East during the ACC's raid of the league and how they are helping in the murder of a once proud conference. So it's only natural the new conference is called "The Forgetting Us? Conference Killers!" Maybe being the first team with question and exclamation marks in it will make the kids think it's hip or something. Or they could use some cool acronym.